Photography is my passion. I love to capture your family memories and the beauty of nature.

Information about the different printing and mounting options

Information about the different printing and mounting options*

You can order prints of my work with different printing and mounting options. This page will show you the possibility.


Photographic Prints

The photographic prints are printed on "Kodak Professional Endura Paper". You have the choice of three papers:

LustrePaper.png GlossyPaper.png


For the mounting you can choose between none, Styrene or Foamboard

StyreneMounting.png FoamboardMounting.png



Canvas Prints

For canvas prints you have different options to choose the surface and lamination you like the best.

LustrePaperCanvas_with_MatteLaminate.png LustrePaperCanvas_with_HighGlossLaminate.png

GlossyPaperCanvas_with_a_High-GlossLaminate.png GlossyPaperCanvas_with_MatteLaminate.png

 For mounting you can decide between two options



* This information is not valid for prints you can order from your personal photo shooting session.